Each year, 1 in 3 drivers rely on Roadside assistance to rescue them. If you’re broken down, you’ll know we’re on the way. Whether you have a flat battery, need a tyre changed, or need emergency fuel, we’ll get you back on the road fast. we’ve got roadside assistance to suit your needs.

No matter how meticulous you are with scheduled maintenance, your car is still bound at some point to breakdown. Whether it’s a flat tire, dead battery, or you have locked the keys in, it’s always best to have a plan ready at all times to respond to such setbacks. Use the following 5 tips to help ensure you stay in the proverbial driver’s seat at all times:

1. Pack a roadside emergency kit

Pack an emergency kit so you’re prepared in the event of a car breakdown or issue. Most items listed below are relatively cheap and can be found at your local store or online.
An ideal roadside emergency kit should include the following:
First Aid kit
multipurpose tools
jumper cables
bottled water and non-perishable snacks
cell phone charger.

2. Get off the road

Once you realize your car is experiencing an issue, move off the road and away from traffic as quickly and safely as possible. Look for open space where you can leave your car idle for some time without obstructing the flow of traffic in either direction. Ideally, look for an emergency lane, rest stop, or parking lot in the immediate proximity. Avoid stopping in the middle of the road or in places that are hard to see or navigate, like blind corners, hills, one-way streets, or bridges.

3. Let others on the road know you need help

Once you pull over to the side of the road, press the hazard button in your car. This will activate your hazard lights and let anyone who passes by know that you’re experiencing a vehicle issue. Next, exit the car safely and increase your visibility with safety triangles (part of your roadside emergency kit). Finally, prop up your car’s bonnet to clearly signal that you’re in need of roadside assistance

4. Stay near your car

Have at least one person near the car at all times. While it may seem natural to abandon your car and search for assistance, your chances of getting help are better if you’re close to your car.

5. Call roadside assistance

Once you’re safely out of traffic, contact your roadside assistance service. If you aren’t currently subscribed to one, use our pay as you go roadside assistance service.

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