Car Battery Replacement

Installing a new car battery can be a daunting task for someone with minimal experience, not only can it be a somewhat difficult task you can also cause major damage to your vehicles electrical system if done incorrectly. This is why Battery installation should only be undertaken by a professional installer and appropriate safety clothing must be worn at all times, including safety glasses and gloves. If you would like pricing on a new battery or help with installation call us today. Batteries from $110 pick up available by appointment. Battery fitting can also be arranged, installation starts from $60. 3 year warranty on selected batteries.

Helpful tips

If you are reasonably confident you have the ability and the correct tools here are some tips for car battery replacement.

  • Ensure appropriate safety glasses and clothing are worn at all times before installing or removing your battery
  • Always refer to Vehicles Operating Manual before removing or installing a battery
  • Check bonnet clearance before installing battery.
  • Connect memory minder (to avoid the loss of radio pin codes and key vehicle data).  Keys must be removed from the vehicle.
  • Locate the positive terminal and mark polarity on the cable.Car Battery Replacement
  • Remove the negative cable first.
  • Remove the positive terminal.   Remove battery hold down.
  • Inspect the tray for corrosion.  If necessary, dust off corrosive residue.
  • Place the new battery in the tray and ensure the battery is level and the terminal posts are in the same position as the old battery.
  • Replace the hold down clamp and ensure battery is secure.
  • Replace the positive terminal lead and tighten.
  • Replace the negative terminal lead and tighten. (The negative terminal should always be replaced last)
  • Never tighten or hammer terminal onto the battery as this can damage the posts and battery cover and will void the warranty.